Zebra Brothers at Home with a Tiger!

Zebra Brothers at Home with a Tiger!

Wow! Very interesting piece! Zebra Brothers at Home! Zebra brothers do the different things wearing the same zebra lycra zentai suit. A zebra man is watching TV with a cozy sitting posture, and another one is reading the book seriously. Can you guess who is younger brother or elder brother? And there is a tiger one, why does he hide behind the sofa? What is he doing? It seems that the tiger one is a little afraid, and then what does he worry about? Two zebras, one tiger, which is a very interesting composition! Love it! It’s so imaginative and appealing.

What’s your opinion about this picture? Share your ideas and views with others. The picture is from the fliker.com(http://www.flickr.com/photos/anonymousart/3972685316/in/photostream), and the author name is AnonymousArt.

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